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Apps and technology

New apps are being invented all the time, as well as vital technological advances for hard-of-hearing and deaf people who can access these services via mobile phone, tablets and PCs.

There is a huge amount of information already out there to help you and we are constantly updating our list to bring you links to the latest information, equipment and news about all things hard of hearing (HoH). We hope you find the Directory useful and if you have any useful links that you'd like us to add, please contact us.

Name of organisation (Click to open in new window) Overview
App Advice List of iPhones apps for hard-of-hearing and deaf people
App in the Air Personal flight assistant app which notifies any changes of check-in, boarding, take-off and landing times
Aud-1 Assistive listening software for iPhones
Bioaid (for iPhone) Enables a Smartphone to act as a computer-controlled hearing aid
Braci Turns sounds into visual and sensory alerts eg doorbell, fire alarm, intercom, landline, baby crying
Dragon Dictation Transcription of spoken word for immediate reading on screen
MyEardroid App which recognises sounds (eg doorbell, fire alarm) and alerts user
Eye-Sign Translates typing or voice into sign language using video clips
Flightview Flight tracker with up-to-date details of flight arrival/departure times, delays and check-out gates
Free wi-fi finder App to find free wi-fi in 150,000 locations in 135 countries
Glide Instant live video messaging app
Google Lists of apps for hard-of-hearing and deaf people
Google Hangouts Free instant-messaging and voice and video app for one-to-one or group conversations
GroupMe For group chats on smartphone, tablet or PC. Attach and send pictures, videos, weblinks and private messages to other GroupMe users
Ili World's first wearable translator for travellers
Intelligent Voice Software using the world's fastest speech-to-text software to gather, identify and categorise key words and phrases in phonecalls
Let me Hear Again Enables easy and efficient communication between deaf and non-deaf people by translating speech into text (Android only)
Live Caption Turns a mobile phone into a live captioning device for real-time speech - translates conversations into text
Loungebuddy Find free or one-time fee airport lounges in more than 500 airports
Mimi Hearing test, hearing enhancement and how to experience difficulties associated with hearing loss
Mobilesign Free library of 4000 British Sign Language signs
Motionsavvy Two-way communication system for the deaf using motion-sensor technology to translate sign language into written text for those who don't use signing
Musixmatch 7 million song lyrics in 32 languages
Myhearingapps List of useful apps for tinnitus and hearing loss
National Deaf Children's Society List of apps for hard-of-hearing and deaf children, young people, parents and carers
Next Generation Text Service (NGTS) Communicate with other phone users using real-time text either directly or via text-relay. Helpline: 0800 73 11 888, text users 0800 500 888, email:; website:
OtoSense App allowing deaf and hard-of-hearing people to see audio alerts and other sounds on their Smart phones eg doorbell, smoke alarm
Oviisoft Real-time communication system from smartphone to smartphone by voice or text
Oovoo Free video chat and instant messaging with up to 10 friends for any device and Facebook
Patient Access Make appointments, send messages and request repeat prescriptions from your local GP surgery


World's first internet radio app allowing people with hearing loss to personalise sound preferences
Pedius Communication system which allows hearing impaired people to make normal phone calls using speech recognition and synthesis technologies
Play It Down Measures volume of everything from concerts to ear buds
Project Noah Inclusive app for deaf and hard-of-hearing young people (relying entirely on images and text communication) allowing them to upload photos of plants and wildlife in their area to create a map of the natural world and contribute to scientific research in the process
RogerVoice World's first subtitling phone app translating conversation into instant text using voice recognition software (not human text relay)
Sign Instant Message Instant messaging app which uses sign language alphabet and supports real-time chats over the internet using finger-spelling and plain text
Sign It Lite Video clips of more than 700 British Sign Language (BSL) signs for letters, numbers, colours, time and date, food and drink, etc
Skype Free video calls, video messages, voice calls and text messaging with other Skype users
SoundFocus App gives people with hearing loss 20/20 hearing when listening to music on an iPhone or iPod touch plus an intelligent sound system which fits onto phones
Subtitles Viewer View subtitles on iOS devices when synchronised to TV, tablet or cinema
Taptap Set alerts when loud noises happen nearby
TextHear Microphone app which translates speech into real-time text to read on-screen (Android phones only.  To be launched on iOS in 2017)
TextHear Personal (*coming soon) Telephone adapter which allows incoming speech over a landline phone to be captioned and displayed in real-time on a landline phone, smartphone or tablet
Tinnitracks New web application and app to filter and fine tune your favourite music
Transcense App allowing people with hearing loss to hear group conversations by connecting to smart-phones in a room and transcribing group conversations (e.g. in a restaurant, business meeting, with friends etc) showing who said what in real-time
TV Louder App which amplifies sound, eg television, through earphones or headset
TypeTalker Free speech-to-text dictation software in a browser - speak and text appears on screen
Uhear Hearing loss screening test
VoxSciences App which converts phone voicemail messages and sends them as written SMS texts or emails
WhatsApp Free instant-messaging app to exchange text messages, photos, videos and voice recordings with other WhatsApp users